Your Casper Testing Framework

Effortlessly launch a personal Casper blockchain on your device! Perfect for running tests, executing commands, and examining state - all while having control over the chain's operations.

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Access Local Casper Network

No command line necessary! Simplify testing by setting up your own network with Docker.

Track Every Network Action

Monitor and analyze every action within your network to ensure its speed and dynamics.

Inspect Deploy Structures

Delve into Сasper's deploy structures, thoroughly examining their architecture for optimal performance and functionality.

Explore Internal Chain Logs

Gain insights by exploring the internal logs of the chain, auditing its operations and potential areas for enhancement.

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Fondant Received

Casper Accelerate Grant Award

The Casper Accelerate Grant Program is created to provide support to projects and developers building exclusively on the Casper, fostering the growth and security of the Casper Network. This initiative boosts the ecosystem, bringing additional value to the network.

As we are developing Casper blockchain apps, recently, we've noticed the need for an integrated open source testing environment. We created the Ganache equivalent in Casper Ecosystem: a tool to quickly fire up a personal Casper network on your own machine. Run tests, explore blocks, and inspect the state while controlling the chain operations – everything is wrapped up in a clean and intuitive UI! Check out the grant here .

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About Casper

Casper is an open, permissionless, and fully decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain designed for high performance and global scale. Casper is created to accelerate developer adoption of blockchain technology through the WASM code environment and open programming standards.

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We believe in the Casper blockchain, its power, values and capabilities. As we are actively leveraging Casper's technology, we've decided to address the infrastructure gaps with Fondant. 

There is more in store:

Flagship project on the Casper blockchain, serving as a an all-inclusive ecosystem explorer.


Casper's first blockchain advent calendar built on the CEP-78 standard.

Custom integrations

Our team can create a custom solution on Casper blockchain tailored to your specific needs!

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Welcome to FONDANT – the testing framework for Casper blockchain! Run tests, execute commands, and examine state – all while having control over the chain's operations.